SEPTEMBER 29, 2023


Ensuring your privacy stands as our utmost priority. As you navigate through the platform ("Platform"), we wish for you to be knowledgeable about how we manage and safeguard your personal data. This privacy statement ("Privacy Statement") details (i) the manner in which your data is utilized, (ii) the kind of data we gather during your interaction with our Platform, (iii) the measures we enforce to secure your data, and (iv) our policy on CCTV usage. This Privacy Statement is applicable to our Platform and the array of services we furnish. We advise you to familiarize yourself with this Privacy Statement prior to any data submissions or use of the Platform. Accepting our practices is implicit when using our Platform. We may modify these practices, but any alterations will be made known and will affect only future interactions. We encourage regular revisits to this section for any updates.


When you engage with our Platform, we may acquire identifiable data such as names, locations, email particulars, phone details, birth dates, gender specifications, health statuses, among others. However, you can opt for anonymity while browsing. Restraining from sharing data might limit certain Platform features. Furthermore, identity verification might necessitate valid identification proofs. The accumulated identifiable data aids us in (i) executing our services efficiently, (ii) tailoring our user interactions, (iii) enhancing our services and Platform, (iv) abiding by our set rules, and (v) organizing campaigns or other promotional events. We are committed to never vend, rent, or lease your identifiable data for typical transactions. Also, third-party promotions won't use your data. However, we might share a generalized version of data (stripped of personal identifiers) with trusted partners for business purposes.

We might also gather non-personal user data like browser specifications, device types, IP details, and other technical aspects during your Platform access. This is crucial for Platform administration, usage analysis, and service refinement. We may share such non-identifiable data with third-parties for targeted services and adverts.

Advertisements on the Platform might be sourced and relayed by third-parties, such as ad agencies or networks, aiming to align with your interests. Remember, we don't control or access the data these third-parties accumulate. Feedback, ratings, or any commentary about our services or Platform might be gathered. Such information exclusively serves to elevate our user interactions and service delivery.

For legal compliance, cooperation with investigations, or to address suspected illicit activities, we might disclose your personal data.

We refrain from gathering data from anyone below 18 unless sanctioned by guardians. If you're below 18, kindly avoid registration or data sharing on our Platform.

Your data's security is paramount. We employ state-of-the-art methods to ensure its integrity. However, perfect online security is yet elusive. We only retain your data as necessary, disposing of it securely thereafter.


Post-registration, bookings, or any other service engagement, confirmations are sent to your provided email and phone. News or updates might also be sent to these channels. You can opt-out anytime by following the mentioned procedures. We maintain records of our email exchanges but never record phone interactions.


CCTV is operational at our facilities primarily for security and crime deterrence. We abide by guidelines set by the United Arab Emirates authorities. This data is essential for ensuring the welfare of our staff, clients, and visitors.


Occasionally, we might capture images or videos of our premises which could include you. We reserve the right to employ these for promotional or commercial intents unless instructed otherwise.


Your personal data can be accessed and edited through your Platform account. In case of discrepancies, please adjust your data or contact our support.


To stay updated and compliant, we might revise this Privacy Statement. Regular checks are advised for the latest amendments. Any changes will be promptly posted on the Platform.


For inquiries or clarifications about this Privacy Statement, the Platform, or our services, kindly get in touch at: [email protected]