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Exorcist | Escape House

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Jessica Lauren is the only child of a happy family living in a small town in the 1970s. While everything is going well, strange things start to happen. When she was at 13 years old, Jessica is mental hospitalized after a strange and scary behaviours. After being treated at the hospital for a year, her family realized that she did not recover and brought her to the family home. Worried about Jessica, the family turns to the town's former pastor for help this time. Thinking Jessica is being haunted by evil spirits, the priest begins treatment. A year after starting treatment, all family members, including the priest, inexplicably disappear at home. 

This house is the cursed house where they live and where the healing process passes. What happened to Jessica? Where are the priest and her family? It will not be easy to learn the secrets of this house full of horrible paranormal events. Remember, you and your friends are not alone in this house!

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