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Edgar Allan Poe and Horror Literature Adaptation | Escape House

Edgar Allan Poe known as one of the cornerstones of horror, mystery and dark romantisicm in the literature so It was inevitable for him to get his stories to film adaptations. We listed three of them for you;

1.The Lighthouse

Although the film is undoubtedly inspired by Lovecraft, it is actually a very flexible adaptation of the story of the same name that Poe wrote. The Lighthouse focuses on the mental health of two characters who work as lighthouse keepers in isolation from humanity.

As the duo moves away from reality, they see scary monsters and the tension increases. One of the most emotionally intense films that has been released recently.

2. The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi became known as the legendary trio of horror cinema with these films.

In the 1935 film The Raven, a sinister evil bird does not stand out too much, the film tells more about a mad doctor who commits murders inspired by the writer's works. John Cusack's version must have been inspired by several points of the film.

3. Extraordinary Tales

Director Raul Garcia has created an anthology of Poe's classic works such as Fall of the House of Usher and Masque of the Red Death. Featuring different animation styles and narrators in each story, the production also features Christopher Lee, which takes the film to another dimension for fans.

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